September 15th, 2006

the only earth?


I'm home sort of early. After dinner at Agua Verde, we went to Ballard to see the Meat Purveyors at the Tractor. Except that we got there really early and the bar was empty; so we left and walked around the neighborhood and had drinks at the Matador. King's Hardware was officially too full to allow anyone else inside. (Incidentally, I think that Ballard is now my second-choice neighborhood in Seattle. It's incredibly charming.) After having drinks -- my beer came in a large, heavy mug that invited swaying as if in a preclude to sea shanty! -- we went back to the Tractor. Alas, the show was sold out (the signs read "yes, really" and "no, we're not kidding"). Yes, we probably should have bought tickets before leaving the first time, but the sparse crowd made a sellout seem so unlikely...

I was disappointed when the people who were up for "punk rock bluegrass" couldn't be convinced to see "indietronica". As much as I like Ratatat, I don't like them enough to brave El Corazon on my own.
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