September 13th, 2006

the only earth?

things from this week

I've written a few [more] paragraphs for one of my dissertation papers. They aren't even particularly interesting paragraphs, either. Pretty much every time I want to write something, I think of all of the little details that I need to check to make sure that my sentence is accurate. Anyway.

The whole office went to Lincoln Park today for a picnic. Albeit a picnic with fancyish food and real plates.Too bad it wasn't yesterday when the weather was spectacular. Nevertheless, lawn games were played and it was fun to be outside all afternoon.

After "work" I went with some friends to the High Life in Ballard. It's a converted old brick firehouse, which is kind of neat in itself. It's unfortunate that they truncated the pole [is there a proper name for this?] because the bathrooms are upstairs and it would be hilarious (and dangerous) if there was a steady stream of people rapidly descending from the ceiling.


Earlier this week, I turned a twenty ounce mason jar of nickels into twenty-nine dollars at I think that CoinStar is pretty ridiculous, but I was out of room for nickels and they don't charge a counting fee for store credits.
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