August 27th, 2006

the only earth?


Going to the Mariners-Red Sox game on Friday was kind of weird. The only person who really cared about the outcome of the game was there for Boston (as were, I suspect, much of the crowd). So, when the away team was shut out by the worst team in the division, changing affiliations mid-game seemed awkward. Nevertheless, it was a nice evening for a ballgame, and I got to learn that Ichiro's favorite movie is Miss Congeniality. Another player's childhood heroes were his mom & Superman. Much more fascinating than the boat race.

The rest of the weekend was fairly quiet. For some reason I found myself unable to stop watching the 2000 version of Jason and the Argonauts when I found it on the afternoon rotation. Today I went to the gym and read the newspaper and met up with Peter, who just got back from a huge Scandinavian expedition.

Now, the last few minutes of the stupid Emmy awards on TV; so I might as well see who wins.
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