August 6th, 2006

the only earth?

weekend, side of fries

[secretly, I have a weakness these messy pictures with people's hands in the frame and all of the performers out of focus. In a way, they're a much more accurate depiction of a fun show, complete with near-constant motion, than sharp photos of one artist sweating into her guitar. That said, if anyone wants to buy me a new camera, I'd consider sponsorship offers.]

For some reason (maybe related to all ages?), the Crocodile starts their shows at 10 and Neumo's starts theirs at 9. Because Neumo's is closer, CSS is from further away, and I was on a guestlist for that show; I missed S. Still, I had an extra fun time and ran into Cori and Kenny. When I ended up staying for a lot more of Diplo than I expected, it seemed like staying up later was an excellent reason to refuel with fries on the way home.


Today I did the usual Sunday things. What's this?! Jay Leno is the guest host on Ebert & Roeper tonight. Weird. (update: [msnbc])
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