July 23rd, 2006

the only earth?

the gloating sun

I'd always heard people refer to Julia's (on Broadway) as "That Awful Julia's", but Friday's happy hour was mostly fine. To get the happy hour pricing, we had to sit in the bar, which mean sitting in the angry embrace of the early evening sun, which was a heavy price to pay. We have grown accustomed to the moderate sea climate, and a couple hours in direct sunlight is rather traumatizing to melanin-deprived exteriors. In addition to keeping the temperatures high, the sun also conspired to injure me. When I was returning from the bathroom, it's menacing glare caused me to not notice that a table was in the way of my leg, causing minor bruising.

Later, revenge/respite was found in a backyard garden in the company of shade and cold adult beverages.


Yesterday, I decided to drop in at my office after going to the gym and watching VH1 popular culture indoctrination programming. I had only intended to pick up some items left there during the hasty happy hour exit on Friday. But the climate control was too much to resist; so I stuck around and typed and edited and added references for a few hours.

I eventually gathered my courage to face the heatwave and caught a bus to Fremont to watch Shaun of the Dead. The upside of the sweltering temperatures is that it's possible to sit outside at night watching a movie and not be cold. Although my late arrival caused me to miss the Zombie Walk through Fremont, a little imagination makes the neighborhood's nightlife look more than a little bit scary.


note: the heat really isn't that bad. In Seattle, we're just not allowed to whine about the rain; so we have to have a few days of weather-related complaining to feel like normal u.s. americans.
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i am not a stuffed tiger.

arts & leisure : band of horses!

Wow. Ben Bridwell has a playlist [nyt] in the New York Times (Sunday Syles section -- hmmm. what does this indicate for the hipness of Band of Horses?). The introduction says that Mat will be rejoining the band for their fall tour, explaining his absense by mentioning his work at his new Seattle bar [the Redwood].

update: nevermind. the grey lady is out of touch [lineout]
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