June 19th, 2006

the only earth?


After what seems like forever, SIFF is over. We went to the closing gala tonight for the Science of Sleep. What it lacked up in the story department was pretty much made up for with a high level of dreaminess.

This was after a day in the park picnicking and playing board games, and going back to my apartment and panicking over having misplaced my passes. Eventually, I was able to get into the movie, but it was touch and go for a while on the red carpet. Rumor has it that they were found after the Saturday midnight movie (A Scanner Darkly).

Apparently, spending the day watching the Solstice Parade, the final act of the USA-Italy game, wandering through the Fremont Fair in search of food, seeing Strangers With Candy, gala-ing at Consolidated Works while drowning annoyance with [oddly] Midwesternese cover versions of 1980s songs in alcohol, cheeto's, and potato salad, spectating a Jerri Blank costume contest, looking at the BFA projects from DXArts, and sneaking free beer into a movie theater under the cover of sweater is not condusive to maximal wakefulness for rotoscoped science fiction movies. In my disoriented state, I forgot to collect my treasured ephemera as we shuffled out of the audience and tried to reconstruct the plot.

I'm still holding out hope that I'll be able to get them back.
the only earth?

I may not have mentioned...

Late last week, something weird happened where my foot became swollen for no particular reason; so I went to the doctor to get some pills. He seemed not to be too worried, but gave me a prescription for extremely effective corticosteroids to do their anti-inflammatory duty. But he also warned me that I should run to the E.R. if the swelling spread to my mouth; so I've spent the last day or so been feeling excessively paranoid about my tongue swelling up to kill me in my sleep.