June 15th, 2006

the only earth?

oddities report

yesterday I went for an eye exam and the doctor dilated my pupils to make sure that my retinas weren't falling apart. They use reversal drops nowadays; so I didn't need to walk around in fake sunglasses for the rest of the day, but for about an hour I couldn't read anything within a few feet of my face. It was odd.

Even stranger was when I was ordering a beverage and noticed a woman across the cafe pulling kittens out of her lunchbox and feeding them with a tiny bottle. She was far enough away that I could rule out exam-related after effects on my vision.

Also unrelated, I was crossing the street while listening to headphones. Instead of crossing when the light changed, the girl on the opposite curb just stood there holding a large Starbucks Blended Beverage waiting for someone to help her make it to street level. I was very confused as she waved her arms and pointed at her not that tall white high heels as a means of requesting gentlemanly assistance. For the record, this was a crosswalk with a ramp suitable for people in wheelchairs to use.

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