April 20th, 2006

the only earth?

various updates

Last night I reached new levels of geekiness by bringing my iBook to a weblogger meetup so that I could tune in to an IRC conference chat about metroblogging. I will do my best not to let it happen again. On the bright side, there was delicious cake made completely from scratch. And after the meeting up, I went to the White Horse with Samantha (since I don't know the top secret password), where we talked to French-Canadians about U.S. pop culture references, among other things.

We now have a Dutch exchange epidemiologist at work; so this afternoon some of us took her to Bimbo's for an authentic Seattle experience. As penance, I made it back to the gym after work.

I think I might as well walk down the street to see if it isn't too late to catch Mates of State. It's been like five years since I last saw them and that's a long time between doses of carnivaly pop music experiences.
the only earth?

Cal anderson / slog ripoff with easier counting

Its 10:54 in Cal Anderson park. There are two guys here, playing frisbee on the grass east of the water feature. Serious stuff, advanced overhanded tosses, most of which are caught. One of them is wearing a Howard Dean staff hoodie, the other has a bucket hat suitable for fishing. Neither seem to mind the light rain.