April 18th, 2006

the only earth?

oh, the bus

I spent most of today catching busses to go back and forth to campus. Although I started on time, the day soon devolved into a series of being late as I was unable to extract myself from meetings in a timely fashion to move on to my next commitment. None of this was particularly disastrous except that all of the tardiness accumulated and I completely missed my appointment to have a haircut this afternoon, which left me feeling like a bad person.

My haircutter told me that it wasn't a big deal, since it gave her time to eat dinner; so I felt a little better about it and scheduled a new appointment. Now I just have to hope that she doesn't take revenge with the scissors. I guess I survived the ear attack from the Dutch barber; so I can probably handle any minor retaliation.

All of this being late made me think that the bus would be at least 50% more efficient if they made better use of the doors. For instance, when it's "pay as you leave", new riders should board the bus through the back doors while people pay the driver on their way out. A few drivers do this, but most don't, which makes it all the more annoying.

Also: the other day Seattlest mentioned something about bus token machines at bus stops [#], which is so completely ingenious that it should be put into practice immediately.
the only earth?

consumer culture

Today I was super-early in arriving at my haircut appointment, which left me time to kill in the neighborhood because showing up somewhere early kind of freaks me out. I looked around at Paperhaus and found a great new notebook: nice size, unlined paper, three rings, heavy covers, held closed by an included pencil. Perfect, or so I thought.

When I went back to my office and took it out of its packaging for further admiration, I discovered that the covers were either real or faux leather. In either case, they were especially fragrant and I'm not sure that an item that smells all leathery can be functional in my world. I left it out overnight in hopes that the odor will dissipate and I won't need to return it.


Realizing that I will probably never wear the bright orange Netherlands soccer voetball shirt I got in Amsterdam on account of it's bright orangeness; I picked up some t-shirt frames at Urban Outfitters. As if this didn't feel retarded enough, the product includes the phrase "you are a very special collector" on its packaging. It was only the clearance price that allowed me to overcome my reservations and take them to the counter.


For those keeping track at home, Operation Cadbury Stock Up 2006 is not going very well at all. Tonight I found myself at Walgreen's frantically digging through shipping crates to find any remaining creme eggs. Only two were recovered (there are a sickening number of the false hope-inducing caramel variety around); so it looks like it's going to be a long eleven months. Luckily Easter arrives a few days earlier next year.