December 29th, 2005


back in the procrastination game

After approximately three hours at the airport in Minneapolis followed by two hours of being delayed in and out of airplanes due to possibly broken engines (pilot: I saw a chunk of rubber hanging off the engine and thought that maybe I should call the maintenance crew and then the engine seal rubber analayst specialist) and then delayed catering (pilot: after forty-five minutes, we've decided to leave without the food so as not to have to find a new crew to fly/serve the flight), and a few hours of flying (reading: One Hundred Years of Solitude and watching crash), I got back to Seattle, retrieved my large quantity of luggage, and met up with Ellen, who was karma building by picking me up and returning me and my items to my apartment. After we dislodged everything from the mini and comically carried it (several awkward steps and locks) into my apartment, we drove over to B & O for smoke-free drinks and talked about the awesomeness of the Squid and the Whale and the maybe boycentric nature of people who like King Kong while some people were angry about not being able to get inside due to some sort of identification problem.

Then I went home and fell asleep to the first forty-five seconds of Studio 360.

Today I went to my office and started doing things like catching up with e-mail and trying to think about the practical considerations for my trip to Amsterdam. After getting a very late lunch across the street, I sort of fell into a yakisoba coma and directed my attention to catching up with all of the livejournal friendslist entries that I didn't really look at while I was in Michigan.

Even though I should go home or to the gym, I feel like I should finish reading and dealing with all of the open tabs in my browser rather than leave them open until tomorrow.

ha. the IMA closed early, absolving me of any fitness-related guilt. Sort of.
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