December 13th, 2005


get 'em while they're there

This morning, Chris at Gorilla vs. Bear posted a great list of his favorite songs from 2005, complete with mp3 downloads [gvb]. I've been listening to it all afternoon, and it's a great selection -- both in terms of reminding me what I liked, but also in terms of what I missed. It even includes Kelly Clarkston, saving me the trouble of actually buying "Since U Been Gone".

If you're using Firefox, there's a nifty extension that makes downloading all of the mp3s very very easy. Cleverly enough, it's called "Download them All" [mozdev].
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the only earth?

giant apes, twee bands, talking lions : the weekend

On Friday night, some of us convened at Carolyn's place to watch a second version of King Kong. This time, it was the 1933 version, which was much less unintentionally hilarious than the 1976 remake. Although the skin-baring clothing technology seemed to change considerably in the intervening decades, the special effects were in some ways better in 1933. With this, I think we're officially prepared for this week's opening, although I can't quite understand how Peter Jackson needs three hours to tell the story. The previews look pretty fantastic.


On Saturday, I went swimming and took custody of Carole and Atri's plants. They went to India for six weeks and left me in charge of providing life support to their large collection of potted plants during their absence. In addition, they are storing their car at my apartment, so I gave them a ride to the airport in exchange for driving privileges. One the way home, I was drawn to make a stop at IKEA before heading home Or rather, the horrible traffic forced me on to 405 and I made the most of it by picking up some inexpensive flatware. Since I don't have a car and rarely drive in Seattle, all of the traffic and highway driving left me feeling extremely rattled.

But I recovered and made a trip out to Ballard to catch some of the twee pop fest at the Paradox. Their new space (shared with Mars Hill Church) is pretty neat; the bands (BOAT, Central Services, and Tullycraft) were as twee as could be expected. Central Services was the twee-est of them all.


On Sunday afternoon, I met up with Peter. Marilyn, and Samantha at Top Pot for a doughnut (peppermint snowdrift -- the prettiest doughnut of all) and an ovaltine latte. We were in Belltown to see The Lion, the Witch, and the Wardrobe at the Cinerama (a very fiftiesesque afternoon).

I lthought that the movie was spectacular and liked it a whole lot. The child actors were great (particularly Georgie Henley, as Lucy), Tilda Swinton made a frightening White Witch, and the CGI animals were amazingly convincing. Oh, and Mr. Tumnus was excellent, too! I was completely enchanted by the whole thing. While I think that the Harry Potter movies have been great adaptations of the novels, I read those books as an adult; so it was really neat to see a book that I loved as a child translated to the screen so nicely.

You might expect that as a big non-believer, I'd be annoyed by the whole religious allegory situation. Certainly, after reading the books with Mrs. Houston in sixth grade, these parallels were no surprise to me. But I really don't care, I still think that the story is really compelling, but so are the stories in the Bible, right? Maybe reading the Narnia books made it easier for me to think of religion as a collection of lessons wrapped up in good stories that I didn't happen to believe were true.

After the movie we got dinner at Queen Sheeba. Then I had to take off early to catch Rachel's improv show at the Rendezvous where she and the rest of the troupe put on an entertaining little show.
i am not a stuffed tiger.

awards season : seattle grace

Weird. The Hollywood Foreign Press really seem to like Grey's Anatomy. [imdb].

While I'm tempted to dismiss them as a pack of crazies, they threw lot of love at The Squid and the Whale, which is just about the best thing that I've seen all year.