November 11th, 2005

i am not a stuffed tiger.

cruel world

O.K., America, this is quite serious:
"Arrested Development" may have finally played its last get out of jail free card. Fox has cut back its episode order on one of TV's most critically praised shows to just 13 segs, down from 22. Skein, from 20th Century Fox TV and creator Mitch Hurwitz, has also been pulled from the schedule for the rest of the month, another sign that the network may have finally given up on trying to bring an audience to the show. [variety]
This implies that Fox tried to bring an audience to the show.

Really, they should just show the mole vs. jetpack clip over and over again until ratings improve. The funny thing is that the second season is ranked #24 on Amazon's DVD sales page [#]; so there must be some people interested in it.

At the very least, they should just finish making a full season and hope to make up the costs with third season DVD sales. It might be a brave new episodic comedy distribution model.
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the only earth?

keeping up appearances : friday

In honor of the veterans, I didn't go to the office today. Instead, I spent the afternoon at Victrola reading science-type papers. Well, first I read section A of the New York Times until it made me want to slit my wrists (e.g., Krugman's column about the Social Security Donut, "Despite Recent Gains, Conservative Group Is Wary on Direction of Court" [#], "Rove Is More His Old Self at the White House" [#], "Senate Approves Limiting Rights of U.S. Detainees" [#], "Democrats Provided Edge on Detainee Vote" [#], "F.D.A. Reports Reduced Risks With Condoms" [#] ) or at least read film reviews and work through the crossword.

After accomplishing a marginal bit of necessary reading, I went home and tried to watch Law and Order (a very rainy day holiday activity, I thought), but the audio and video were out of sync; so I decided to catch an afternoon matinee.

I saw the Squid and the Whale. It is probably going to be my favorite movie of the year. It was just about perfect: quietly funny and sad and efficient and honest. I could have done with someone else in the William Baldwin role, but in a way, the oddness of casting him may have added something to the film. It written & directed by Noah Baumhach and Wes Anderson is one of the producers, so my loving it is probably not a huge surprise.

Feeling drained by the movie (it's kind of brutal), I needed to recover and thought that fries and a root beer float would do the trick, but instead it just left me feeling a little bit sick (I'm out of practice); so I went home and cooked some rice and vegetables.

Now I'm supposed to go watch the 1970s version of King Kong. It seems a little early to get into the spirit for the winter blockbuster, but it seems like a decent enough plan.
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the only earth?

keeping up - thursday

Last night after work, I met a bunch of people (rachel, jon, jeff, carole, atri) for Ethiopian food at Queen Sheeba, which is pretty much guaranteed to be a good time. Something about the communal animalistic feeding frenzy plus tasty food equals fun oand overstuffed stomachs. After dinner, I was amazed that several people were ready to stop at B & O to get dessert on our way to meeting Carolyn at the Stumbling Monk.

I decided to drink my dessert and just drank Belgian beers while we gathered around a couple of tables in the back to play Settlers of Catan. Since there were six of us (jeff went home), we played as three teams. Despite Team Rachel/Jon breaking up team Josh/Carolyn's impressive Catan-spanning roadway with a settlement (just one example of Team J/C's undervaluing of sheep), we managed to reclaim the title and win the game. Apparently, the team aspect slows down the game; so it took forever and thus didn't make an especially good impression on Carole and Atri.
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