November 9th, 2005

the only earth?

the sound of an overweight woman's song

It looks like the election is about wrapped up. My experiment with non-involvement seems to have been about 50/50: successful in the case of the smoking ban and a failure on the monorail front. Disappointing, but not altogether surprising, given the well funded opposition, terrible press, multiple votes, and a general unwillingness to accept that nice things cost money.


The Stranger's been using their weblog [slog] like crazy, posting from all of the election parties. But that's not really why I mention it. Throughout the election, many of the writers have used their posts to undermine the paper's editorial endorsements. For instance, several of the writers (including Dan Savage, the paper's editor) have made posts in support of the smoking ban and against Greg Nickels, contrary to their "election control board" recommendations.

I'm not sure if an alt-weekly counts as mainstream media (probably not), but this sort of thing is one of the interesting consequences of what happens when traditionalish journalists keep public weblogs.
the only earth?

ticketswest = crazy

er. I was just about to buy a ticket to see Broken Social Scene on Saturday. TicketsWest is charging $7.75 in service and handling fees for a $15 ticket. Does anyone know if the QFC or Rudy's outlets have the same service fees as the online version?

It's not clear to me that there's anywhere to get a ticket for the advertised advance price, since the Showbox box office also adds $1.50.
the only earth?

last week in review

I don't know how I got so horrible about keeping the activities of daily living portion of my journal up-to-date. Luckily, last week was pretty standard and doesn't really merit a bunch of backdated posts. So, for the obsessives, a week behind a lj-cut.
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