November 7th, 2005

i am not a stuffed tiger.

spare change

Pretty much everyone who visits my apartment finds it weird that I have four jars for loose change (one for each denomination) and immediately tells me that I should bring all of that change to Coinstar. And then I tell them how much I hate Coinstar and the idea of paying a percentage just for them to count my change. I'd rather just keep it than give them that cut.

But I just saw a commercial advertising their new option to have your change converted into gift certificates without a fee being deducted [coinstar]. Since Amazon sells pretty much everything, this is at least mildly tempting (compared to their other Starbucks promotion).
the only earth?

soaring eagles

The thing about the Colbert Report is that the ironic soaring eagle in the opening credits barely approaches the absurdity of the sincere animated soaring eagle from Fox News. This is sort of emblematic of why I haven't quite fallen in love with the show.