October 26th, 2005

the only earth?

week in review (saturday - sunday)

On Saturday I woke up early to get a haircut and then Rachel picked me up so that we could go to Bellevue for dim sum with Elena, Charles, Sam (their 2-week-old baby), and Charles's mom. This was two firsts for me -- meeting Sam (who slept most of the time, as is the custom of the newborn) and having dim sum. Really, I only had a few dishes on account of not wanting to eat random meat products, but there were still a few tasty items. The experience was kind of fascinating, I wondered if the servers worked on commission.

After lunch, we went to Damian's birthday party in Redmond (I think) where his mother had made a huge amount of food. Because we didn't really know any of the other attendees, we raided their games closet and eventually convinced some of the non-Argentinian co-workers to play Settlers of Catan. Without a brick factory, things didn't go particularly well for me, but I pretty much always enjoy playing. By the time the game was over, it was time for cake and there were suddenly a lot of people at the party. Many of them pregnant or with small children.

After I got home, I caught up with Peter at Victrola for a while before calling it an early night.


On Sunday, Betsy, Carolyn, and I made a trip out to the Farm in Snohomish to spend some quality time in the Washington State Corn "maze". It was just about as awesome as last year [lj]. This time, I knew to bring boots to better enjoy the muddy paths.
the only earth?

week in review (monday - wednesday)

Monday: work, techfee, swimming, pub quiz. Somehow, I think we're getting worse at this, but it's always really just been an excuse to eat pub food on a school night.

Tuesday: work, metroblogging meetup at the Elysian. The maximum number of attendees was six, but that was only for a short time. Still, with only four/three attendees, we ended up spending a really long time hanging out and realizing how un-unique my iTunes library is. By the way, if you haven't gotten a chance, hurry up and get some of the Elysian's Night Owl Pumpkin Ale. It's magically delicious.

Wednesday: After work and a quick downtown shopping experience, I met up with Carole and Atri at Pacific Place to see Shopgirl. This time, I arrived early enough and had real passes; so we got in without any trouble.

Although I liked the movie, I think that I liked the preview [apple] better. But the trailer is exceptionally good. The movie itself came across as something of a fairy tale. Or at least this was my interpretation given the occasional third-person omniscient narration (from Steve Martin, who also is in the movie) and the number of stars visible in the Los Angeles sky. It was a little bit weird to see the one-time Angela Chase in romantic relationships with Steve Martin and Max Fischer. If you can get past that, it's a nice little drama.

On the walk home, I bought a book to read on the plane (Indecision) and listened to explosions in the sky.