October 16th, 2005

i am not a stuffed tiger.

sunday highlights : nyt on nyt on "1st amendment hero"

Conceding my requirement to have a daily dose of caffeine to feel like a functional human, I've fallen back into a routine of spending Sunday morning with the New York Times at a cafe. Yes, one of those people.

Anyway. Today's paper had a massive article about the Judith Miller saga. Massive in the post-Jayson Blair style. Although the whole thing is worth reading, you can get a sense of how the news division feels about the whole affair from the first and second-to-last paragraphs:
In a notebook belonging to Judith Miller, a reporter for The New York Times, amid notations about Iraq and nuclear weapons, appear two small words: "Valerie Flame." . . . The Times incurred millions of dollars in legal fees in Ms. Miller's case. It limited its own ability to cover aspects of one of the biggest scandals of the day. Even as the paper asked for the public's support, it was unable to answer its questions. [nyt]
The article also includes links to really useful graphical timelines and a long essay from Miller telling her version of the story (which differs a bit from the news side's).
i am not a stuffed tiger.

another nyt story : documentaries

This is also kind of amazing and depressing, too. A story about how ridiculously expensive it can be to include even short snippets of media in documentaries.
Had the ringtone been a common telephone ring, the scene could have dropped into the final edit without a hitch, the moment providing a quick bit of emotional texture to the film. But EMI Music Publishing, which owns the rights to "Gonna Fly Now," was asking the first-time producer for $10,000 to use those six seconds. [nyt]
From the sounds of it, things are getting tougher for filmmakers as the documentary form has increasingly commercially viable. Naturally, there's even an example of the high price of "Happy Birthday."

Despite the apparent idiocy of this, rights management did play a part in one of the few moments of minor victory on for the Lisa Kudrow character on the Comeback.
the only earth?

the weekly recap post

It would pretty fair to interpret this week's string of 'bloggy postings as an indicator that most of the week was fairly standard. Going to the office, making trips to the gym, picking up groceries, watching a DVD, et c. Things better not posted about excessively.

Last night I did go to the Stranger's Genius Awards party at the Seattle Art Museum. In addition to good bands -- Voyager One and the Helio Sequence -- it was really kind of interesting to see who was there. It was sort of Seattle's odd version of people getting dressed up, albeit in thrift store suits and styrofoam zoo animal masquerade masks. Not to mention someone if a full length racoon coat and another guy in a superhero costume.

Surprisingly enough, having a party on a three level staircase actually works out fairly well. There was a lot of wall space to project representations of the winners' work, name badges saying "My name is _______ and I want to fuck John Sutton", a pile of skateboards at the door, and a fleet of museum guards to step in whenever someone so much as leaned on the very old stone rams or camels decorating the hall.

Another revelation from this week: candy corn does not contain gelatin. Figuring this out resulted in a bit of a sugar binge.