October 5th, 2005


more yahoo web takover

Weird / interesting: Yahoo! bought upcoming.org. Does that mean that they've de facto re-instated their old "cool links" section through indirect [?] ownership of waxy.org?

As with all Yahoo! takeovers, let's hope it stays the way of flickr, and doesn't go the way of geocities. (on edit, was Geocities really ever all that good?)

(via waxy [#])

stubble: exposed!

The New York Times has a hilariously informative piece about the complications of the two-day beard:
The truth is, most men who sport sexy, two-day growths end up spending more, not less, time in front of the mirror. [nyt]
Although I shouldn't be surprised, I had no idea that my daily shaving was actually the path of laziness.