September 30th, 2005

the only earth?

my queries, answered

Regarding this morning's quiz about what Four Tet is like live: it is pretty much like watching a mildly enthusiastic guy playing video games. Except you can't see the game, you can only hear the sound effects.

Part of the problem, if there is a problem to be discussed, is that I haven't listened to much from the new album. The other part is that I think that I really like a lot of four tet songs because they seem incredibly well constructed. The live show seems to be about deconstructing (or reconstructing) the material while people to bob their heads sympathetically.

The other answers are that Neumo's has a box office, but they don't sell advance tickets on the day of show, and that the video for the Shining remix is, according to defective yeti, "X awesome, where X = `totally' * 1000" [#]


Walking home from the show, I got completely soaked for the first time in recent memory. I do like that the Cal Anderson park is now open, and crack addict free enough to cut through on the way back to my apartment.
the only earth?

more follow-up reporting

What I forgot to mention in my somewhat whiny post about last night's Four Tet show was that Jamie LIdell was pretty freaking amazing. As far as I could tell, his set consisted of sampling his own voice and mixing it and layering it up with other samples into dancy tracks. He occasionally took a break from these beat-heavy songs to include a few soul-ish a capella numbers. He kept this up until the power momentarily went out.

I admit that I wasn't really in the mood for an hour of this, but it was really interesting to watch (and hear).