September 29th, 2005

the only earth?


1. is Four Tet worth seeing live?
2. is there any way to get advance tickets to tonight's show at Neumo's without insane service fees?
3. how awesome is this remake of the Shining's trailer [.mov]?

local nationalization?

I've been listening to KEXP more often this week while I'm at my office working. Even though KEXP is great, I still find it really difficult to listen to the radio after years of control-freak indulgence afforded by having an iPod.

The point is that I've noticed that the radio station is increasingly branding itself as a worldwide (or at least International in the Canada sense) station. This is one of the neat things about the internet as a distribution channel. Yay KEXP for taking over the world, broadcasting live from New York on occasion, etc.

But I wonder what effect this sort of positioning has on their value as a local brand. In particular, I was just listening and the on-air host started plugging a list of exciting to me upcoming KEXP-sponsored concerts by bands like Death Cab for Cutie, the Decemberists, and the Arcade Fire. Looking at the events page, none of these are in Seattle (they're in Chicago, Vancouver, and Vancouver). As a local listener, this kind of thing is sort of annoying -- you'd think they could at least sort by location -- and diminishes my specialness for being in-town while tuning in.

Or. I am getting cranky and should go home now. After all, during the same DJ talking segment, they did give out the times for all of the acts at this Saturday's benefit show.
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