September 28th, 2005

the only earth?

three days in september

I was on campus on Monday to swim, and it was already starting to be decorated to welcome new students back to town. Without really being in classes, the academic year is kind of, well, academic. But the fact of the summer actually being over still kind of makes an impression.

Later, despite our strangely large roster, we still managed not to do very well at the pub quiz. Our main problem seems to be that we are slightly better than the lower half of the competitors and end up in the smart people's bracket week after week.


Tuesday was Rachel's dissertation defense. It was neat to go, both to hear about her project, to be supportive by not asking questions, and as evidence that people do finish their dissertations, get degrees, and have their advisors pour champagne into plastic cups to commemorate the occasion. After extremely moderate drinking in a classroom with her committee, we left and had dinner at Agua Verde in a small pink room that also held a table filled with people filled with happy hour margaritas. Or maybe they were naturally loud. But it was fun anyway, and nice to be there, especially since I hadn't been to the restaurant in a long time.

Following dinner, I met up with some other people from the Seattle Metroblogging project at the Elysian. One good thing about it being autumn is that it's once again possible to get pumpkin ale. Small victories.


Today, was mostly about being at the office. I'm chipping away at a couple of abstracts that I'm writing for a conference this spring. By the time I've incorporated everyone comments and exercised an appropriate level of cautiousness in interpreting the data they will likely be even more completely boring than even I expected.

Also, I managed to make an appointment to see my crazy dentist. I've been forgetting to call for about a year and a half, but peer pressure, that Malcolm Gladwell piece about health insurance, and an alarm set on my phone finally broke my streak of negligence.