September 26th, 2005

the only earth?

weekend report: beer, wigs, adaptation

Sorry for the disrupted continuity, this is a recap for this weekend

On Friday, I went to the Oktoberfest in Fremont. When we arrived, it wasn't super crowded; so we traded in a token to have each of our tiny plastic beer stein filled and meandered around to survey the scene. From a hilltop, we noticed that there appeared to be a carnival off in the distant parking lot. Upon exploration, we found that the rides weren't far away, just that they were tiny and nearly abandoned. It was a really sad, poorly attended, and fairly expensive urban carnival. We quickly returned to the main festival area before things in the parking lot of unwanted carnie rides got scary.

Later, the crowd picked up and we had sort of gross food and drank more beer. I didn't encounter any terrible brews, which was a nice bonus. Eventually, it was time for the Dudley Manlove Quartet to play some music. (Carolyn is a big fan.) I think the sound like a professional karaoke band, which is to say that they play cheesy, crowd-pleasing cover songs well. And, the crowd was very pleased with their performance: double-denim woman doing a special hair-flippy dance, drunken men putting on their own dance routines, et c. People even stopped on the street to look over the edge at the festival below.

After the band finished their set, we left the festival grounds to go to a wig-themed party. Although none of us brought wigs, there seemed to be plenty to go around. There, I learned that the secret to looking fantastic in someone else's wig is to wear it incorrectly. It was a fun party, although I got into a little bit of trouble by not wanting ice for my whisky and complaining a little too much about the switch from the indie rock ipod to the dance anthemy ipod.


On Saturday night, I saw Raiders of the Lost Ark: the Adaptation at the Northwest Film Forum. We were lucky enough to get in line in time to buy some of the few remaining tickets to watch the (almost) shot-for-shot re-enactment of the original Indiana Jones movie created by Mississippi teenagers during the 1980s. While the video and sound quality had either degraded with time or were not that good originally, the movie was hilarious and kind of amazing. Their most inspired choice was the substitution of a small dog for a monkey in the early part of the film. This concession was somewhat surprising given their ability to recreate scenes with airplanes, trucks, pyrotechnics, and snakes.

The director was in attendance, and provided even more laughs with stories about the making of the film.


Other weekend activities included talking to my mom on the phone about all of the people she knows who are getting married and/or having children, watching way too many Sunday night television programs, catching up on a little bit of work, and reading a little bit of the new Zadie Smith book.