September 3rd, 2005

chair, apartment


Yesterday, I went to Bumbershoot for a couple hours to feel like I was getting my maximum value for buying a four-day pass. I tried to see Smoosh, but the line was too gigantic and I went home to do laundry. I went back later and enjoyed seeing the Ruby Doe -- where the audience included a pack of ten-year-old headbangers and at least one super enthusiastic fan -- and part of Garbage's show. I didn't realize that Garbage had so many "hits".

At midnight, I met Rachel and her brother at the Egyptian for a midnight showing of Ghostbusters. Aside from the part where no one gets scalded by the remains of the STA-PUFT marshmallow man, it was pretty enjoyable. It required a latte and a cadbury creme egg to stay awake though.

Today, I planned to sleep in, but the maintenance guy thought that starting a carpenter ant eradication drill for the parking structure behind my window at 7:30 am on a Saturday was a good option. Genius.

I'm about to head back to Seattle Center. Today's projected highlights: Viva Voce, Visqueen, and the 826 Seattle Benefit..