August 24th, 2005

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wednesday : media reports

Today at the office, "moon cake month" inspired a potluck. luckily, people brought things other than moon cake (but no moon pies). As someone who lunched on the kindness of others, I should not complain, but moon cake is really disgusting. It includes bean paste and cooked egg. Not quite festival worthy if it were up to me.

Later I went to campus to score some antibiotics. While I was there, I went to the gym to find that the pool was drained; so I spent some quality time on an elliptical machine. The fun part about this is that it's sort of like the Situation Room (or what I imagine the Situation Room to be like -- I haven't seen it) with all of the televisions. Watching ten channels without audio, I gathered that there was something big in the news about wind shear and airplane crash drills, that it was take your dog to the ballpark in Texas, and that there were forty greatest moments in reality television. Embarrassingly enough, I had already seen many of these moments.

Because of my underappreciation of the distance between the IMA and Thaiger Room, I was late in meeting Rachel, Jon, and Carole for dinner. When I arrived, they had changed the plan and relocated to Chipotle. Since I have decided that I refuse to eat there, I brought in a burrito from Taco del Mar instead. However, it turns out that they serve alcoholic beverages; so I caved in and bought a drink. I like to think of this as being in the proud tradition of my middle school teacher who "occasionally" boycotted Nestle for crimes related to infant formula in Africa.

We were dining early in order to catch the 40-year-old Virgin, which turned out to be as hilarious as all of the reviews suggest. Because I couldn't help but think of the Jane Lynch [imdb] character as the lesbian poodle trainer from Best in Show, her scenes were probably even funnier than they were intended to be.

On the way home, I finished reading Killing Yourself to Live. It reads kind of like a couple hundred pages of fairly good weblog entries. Chuck Klosterman really seems to be earnest about his love for KISS. I find this, and most of the other references to classic rock hard to follow because I have actively tried to avoid most old music as an extreme reaction to those Freedom Rock commercials.
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