August 15th, 2005



This afternoon on the bus1, a family of tourists were looking for Kurt Cobain's grave. Of course, they didn't ask this directly. First the father figure asked me when the bus would get to Broadway. After I told him that the route runs along Broadway for about a mile, he then asked about where to find "the cemetery".

When I was unable to think of the location of even one Seattle cemetery, the daughter-type clarified with, "you know, Kurt Cobain". Because I wasn't absolutely sure, I didn't tell them that he wasn't buried anywhere in Seattle, but they were very frustrated that no one in town would tell them where to look.

I guess they didn't know that Cobain was cremated or the story that the Seattle cemeteries didn't want the gravetripping traffic, and that Courtney Love left some of his ashes at a Buddhist temple in Ithaca, scattered some in the Wishkah River and kept some for herself.2

1. the #49 [metrokc]

2. O.K., I didn't know all of this either.