August 11th, 2005

chair, apartment

new television obsession

I was up until something like two in the morning last night watching the Battlestar Galactica miniseries on DVD. I really didn't mean to, but I assumed that it would eventually stop at a reasonable point since it must have aired as separate episodes. I rented it because I had heard that this new version was surprisingly good and when I saw part of an episode of the new season on television it looked good -- the aesthetic, the incredibly attractive cast, and the absence of the campiness from the original series; so obviously I needed to start watching from the beginning. Because I'm a completist like that, and watching a television series on DVD (or OnDemand, etc.) is fun.

And the miniseries turns out to be beyond decent. Now, I of course, need to watch the first season. Strangely enough, it can be purchased only at Best Buy until late September when a different version will be both for sale and for rent. My habit of getting obsessed with random things might just lead me to buy a copy and then try to sell it on the internet when I'm done.

dinner report

I finally got around to having dinner at Chez Gaudy, the less cluttered, more Italian spin-off from the owner of Bleu Bistro, with Carole, Jeff, and Carolyn. Although it turned out to be on the edge of spendy, I think that all of us really enjoyed our food and the overall dining experience. I, for instance, had spaghetti with a giant delicious fake meatball, which left me far too full to eat more than a bite of everyone else's tasty desserts.

To work off our postprandial lethargy, we decided to make a big walking tour of Capitol Hill, since more eating, drinking, or sitting seemed out of the question.