August 8th, 2005

chair, apartment

weekend updates

I think that the main highlight of the weekend was going to Fremont to see the Goonies at the outdoor movies. It turned into quite a production, with many people convening at Carolyn's apartment and then taking many of the contents of her apartment down the street to join a line of people circling the parking lot. Along with various seating devices, we also brought food and wine decanted into plastic bottles as a gesture toward secrecy.

Before the movie started, I wasn't completely sure that I'd seen it. I definitely had memories of scenes, but that could be attributed to having been alive during the past couple decades and a tendency to fall into I ♥ the ____ marathons on VH1. At least now I have seen the whole thing, possibly more than once, and the potential void has been filled. Yet because of this uncertainty, I'm afraid that it isn't as much much a cultural touchstone to me as it seems to be to other people. I haven't read Steven Johnson's new book, but I'd guess that this could be used as an example of how much simpler entertainments were not too long ago.

This is not to say that I didn't enjoy it. Plus the experience of going to Fremont is always entertaining in itself.