August 7th, 2005


a reiteration / refinement regarding c.y.h.s.y

Insound also sells this [#]
The other day, I wrote about a particular album living up to the hype,1 but maybe I should have written that despite any level of hype that maybe they deserve more.

Yet after I uploaded an mp3 from Clap Your Hands Say Yeah ("The Skin of My Yellow Country Teeth" [mp3]) I learned that they already have several tracks from their self released album online at their website, and that you can stream the whole album at New Scratch Records [#]

So. Download away and then buy the disc and go see them! The song that I put online isn't on their site and it's one my favorites. It's the sort of summer music that breaks up your insides and puts them back together in a happier state of mind where you might just find yourself jumping around in your kitchen while cooking ravioli and asparagus for dinner.

1. for what it's worth, I read the pitchfork review [#] and agree about the first track. Maybe skipping it the first few times you listen is not a bad idea.
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