July 31st, 2005

the only earth?


Naturally, the stranger has a ring-around the dildo booth. I think that you might be able to use this as some sort of personality inventory -- different people seem to choose different targets. Whether you select Fabio, one of the hobbits, Clinton, Uncle Sam, Chewbacca, or Britney Spears as your target certainly must be meaninful.
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I spent Sunday watching political television, taking a nap, and shuttling between the Block Party and my apartment. I had plans to meet Amelia (one of the wedding guests) later to see Built to Spill; so I decided that I might as well catch a few of the earlier acts to get the most for my admission.

However, after an hour of listening to Horses (or Band of Horses, I guess) in the mid-afternoon sun, I was ready for a break. Eventually, I went back to see Aqueduct and check out some of the vendors before retreating again.

Once Ameilia was en route, I returned to scope out a place by the mainstage and to watch people making efforts at the dildo ring toss. At least two contestants managed to win prizes. Built to Spill put on a good, often jammy, show and the air above the crowd was occasionally filled with a sea of jellyfishlike inflated condoms. For most of the set, I think that we were standing next to John Roderick.

When the clock struck 10, the main stage closed. Rather than face the Bad Juju for the evening acts, we walked down to get drinks at the Cha Cha and Linda's. I don't think I'd ever noticed that the back wall at Linda's porch is a giant unpainted paint-by-number mural.

By the end of the night I was really hungry; so we went to get fires at the Frites place behind Neumo's. On our way out, we ran into Jessica who is bound for Indiana, which is also where Amelia lives. Both are/will be at University of Indiana for grad school. Weird.