July 29th, 2005

the only earth?

selling out

I bought a t-shirt online today and noticed that Defunker has an affiliate program in which people get $4 whenever they refer someone to the site to buy a shirt. I was curious to see how it worked; so I signed-up and put an advertisement on the left side of my webpage.

I expect the money to start rolling in any minute now! When it does, I'll be sure to update the site disclaimer.
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the only earth?

Oh, Hendrik

Writing about the Roberts nomination in this week's "Talk of the Town":
The truth, though, is that the next few years will be hard ones for reproductive freedom, especially among the red-state poor and young. Roe or no Roe, Roberts or no Roberts, a woman with money will be able to get a safe and legal abortion, even if she has to travel to another state to get one. [nyer]
I had to quit reading Harper's years ago because, even though I agreed with it, I just couldn't take the regular the wall of gloom and doom from Lewis Lapham at the front of every issue. But Hertzberg's pieces are completely different; they are almost always delightful even when the topic is one that might inspire certain viewers to scream at Senator Brownback as he appeared on one of the weeknight political shows to talk about how he couldn't imagine any downsides to letting the states experiment with abortion laws.