June 29th, 2005


location report

I'm back in Seattle now, catching up with the internets and e-mail and trying to make my feet less sore and pretending that I didn't catch a cold on the ten-hour flight. I have a bunch of pictures (although I limited myself to one modest SD card) that I will look at / flickrize tomorrow when I feel like not doing work.

I have some notes from my trip in a little notebook that might turn into posts later, but maybe that will be a good way to kill time on the plane to Michigan this weekend. I mean, this is already very asynchronous anyway; so what's a few more days?
the only earth?

vacation flickrization status

I put some of my pictures from my trip (London to Paris) on flickr for your viewing pleasure. They're collected in the europe photoset [#] which will also hold the rest of the photos once I get around to uploading again. Almost all of the pictures are of places or things that you'd be likely to find on postcards.

If you're really wondering what I did two weeks ago and can't wait for me to get around to writing about it, rhiannonwc has started posting about the London part of the trip. Really though, her posts are bound to be more accurate and funnier than mine; so you should just read hers anyway (or instead).