May 30th, 2005

memorial (4) : monday

We all reconvened for breakfast at Local Cafe before Ellen's flight back to NYC. Every time I walk past the restaurant and see it nearly empty I worry that it will close. Mostly, this fear is selfish. They have the best, wonderfully bland scones that are now only served on weekends. Over breakfast, they also gave me a really excessively big teapot full of delicious tea that I proceeded to dose with lots of cream and sugar.

After Ellen left, I used my sub-par tour-guide skills to show Juno a little bit more of Seattle. We went to the Public Market, the waterfront, the closed public library, the UW campus, and Victrola for wi-fi free sandwiches. I added remarkably little context to the sightseeing. I almost suggested that we take the monorail to Seattle Center, but I realized that it was still Folklife time and that potential disaster was averted.

With Juno safely on her way to the train station, I fell into a bit of a Law and Order coma. Around eleven, I dragged myself out of the house to see Architecture in Helsinki at Chop Suey. They were cute, Australian, and sort of exhausted, too.