May 26th, 2005

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entertainment overload (5) : sunday sifftastic

I think it's time to give up on this extremely-delayed recap of the past few days and resort to posting a list of the major activities of the past week:
Documentary Sunday
  • Mad Hot Ballroom - elementary school kids competing at ballroom dancing, how can you go wrong?
  • Genesis - a west african narrating a poetic version of evolutionary theory, illustrated by amazing nature videos.

    Meeting Monday
  • general exam, meeting, techfee, swimming, pub quiz.

  • no idea, really. Definitely went to class. Also went to the Elysian with people from metroblogging seattle.

  • Meetings, meetings, meetings, then Thomas Frank, preaching to the choir at Town Hall.

  • Since hearing them at the Showbox on Saturday, I've been listening to the Thermals over and over and over again.
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