May 25th, 2005

i am not a stuffed tiger.

entertainment overload (4): more siff

Because I'd missed the Friday night screening of 2046, I met up with Jon and Rachel for an afternoon show. Although it feels insane to complain about too much Christopher Doyle cinematography, the film felt a little too long and the futuristic sections weren't perfectly incorporated. I think that some of my fatigue may have been due to the film's screening venue: the Neptune isn't exactly the best theater for trying to keep up with subtitles.1 But the movie was gorgeous, well acted, and intriguing; so the complaints are kind of quibbley.

After the movie, I managed to avoid most of the University District street fair, although I couldn't resist a bit of street food for lunch.

Later it was Gala #2, for The Dying Gaul, a dark Hollywood screenwriter type story that took place in 1995, when chat rooms were new and all the rage. (yet apparently not so new that userids like "skinflute" - "skinflute7" weren't already taken.) Anyway, the movie was fairly good -- Peter Sarsgard plays a writer caught in something of a love triangle that is bound to turn out badly for some of the people in it. Plus, it's in the genre of movie that's fun just to see how pretend Hollywood people live. Sarsgaard (with a shaved head) was at the screening to accept a Golden Space Needle award, but I'm not sure that he made it to the post-film party.2

The "gala" was at the Red Lion Hotel and featured typical fun party foods and drinks. The possibility of subsisting entirely on appetizer type fruits, vegetables, breads, cheeses, and drink tickets from receptions seems like an interesting lifestyle choice. Carole and I did a minor amount of mingling. Outside is apparently for both smokers and people who like fresh air; so we got to meet a few people involved with the festival (the director3, a ticketeer from Los Angeles4, and a filmmaker from Brooklyn, among others) who were either in need of nicotine or oxygen.

In something of an effort to convince Carole that she and Atri should move to Capitol Hill (and a concession that walking was more fun than waiting for a midnight bus), we walked back to my apartment to retrieve her car. I'm not sure whether the crowd -- including some people who took the time to compliment/critique our clothing at a crosswalk -- helped or hurt my case.

(1) Is there any good reason why they don't put the translations at the top of the screen?
(2) Although maybe he made an appearance. The staff photographer only seemed to take a few pictures, and that happened when we were on the other side of the room. Also -- the Stranger "Celebrity I Saw U" says that he was there with Maggie Gyllenhaal; this is what we get for hanging out by the bar.
(3) ... who seemed excited about Miranda July's Camera D'Or and a kind e-mail from Tom Skerritt.
(4) ... who seemed excited about medicinal herb gardens.
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