April 26th, 2005


the weekday reports | monday - tuesday

After the typical monday activities with the added benefit of recovering from a night of heavy drinking -- meetings at the office and on campus, another valiant attempt at pub quiz followed by some more hanging out with the pboz traveling road show at the very empty Comet. Even on the relatively quiet Monday night, there was plenty of people watching potential. Highlights included a trio of girls with matching small of the back tattoos and a guy with sincerely bad hair and an oversized Mariner's jacket. All in all another fun night with New York's favorite working class literary heroes.

I'm sad to report that the "Cash Only" Lite Brite seems to be missing from behind the bar.


Today was the usual mix of falling asleep in computational biology class and spending quality time at the epidemiology factory. Then it was time to go to Piecora's to hang out with people from Metroblogging Seattle for slices of customized pizzas and general good times.