March 23rd, 2005

chair, apartment

and on through the weekend to today!

I slept through much of Sunday morning, but woke up in time for the McLaughlin Group and some college basketball watching before going to brunch with Joe and Ellen at Cafe Campagne. Over French breakfasty foods and fresh-squeezed orange juice based beverages, we discussed topics and guidelines to include in the Yet Untitled Rules for Appropriate Modern Living `Zine/Pamphlet Project.

After brunch, I accidentally took a long nap on the couch. This set the tone for the rest of the day.


My new experimental "spring break!" weekday going to the office routine is to wake up early, fall back asleep while listening to public radio, and then walk to work in the late morning and stay late, generally at the time that the cleaning people arrive. I think that giving up on morning productivity is a step in the right direction.

Later, we went to pub quiz to play for glory and nearly succeeded in taking home big cash money. If only we'd known the diameter of a compact disc (12 cm) or known that we didn't know it, we would've been wealthier for our efforts. Alas, it's this line of thinking that keeps bringing us back for more.

After the quiz, I went to Linda's with Ellen for what turned out to be another installation of Doug's Birthday. Pitchers of beer ensued.


Tuesday brought more of the e."s.b.!"w.g.t.t.o.r. followed by a metblogs meetup at Piecora. Even though only four people showed up, four is still better than one and we had a pretty good time and discussion. Plus. Customized slices of pizza? pretty hard to go wrong there, isn't it?


have you noticed that every day in this catch-up series has been shorter than the previous installation? tonight I'm annoyed that there isn't an episode of Law and Order.

decemberists go model u.n.

The Decemberists put the new video for "16 Military Wives" online in high-quality .mpeg format through the wonders of Bittorrent. It's a pretty cute video: Rushmore meets Model UN meets Cascadia indie-rockers (the cast includes John Roderick and Chris Walla) pretending to be high school students.

An explanation of how to check it out for yourself without waiting for it to show up on MTV2 [decemberists]. It's probably with the 74 MB download if you've got a high-speed connection. Of course, as a member of an "award winning" model united nations delegation I am probably a biased audience.


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