March 19th, 2005


the back to the future journal saga continues here

I did a bunch of laundry, watched basketball, and went to Victrola to work on some analyzing of data. Then Ellen showed up and we went to my apartment so that she could make use of a sewing kit before meeting lots of people at Than Brothers for pho.

Though it is probably hard to believe, this was my very first experience eating Pho. I had been very afraid of it because I assumed that it would be impossible to enjoy it without being paranoid about animal parts secretly being contained in the soup. However. the Than Brothers Website assured me that there was a 100% vegetarian option; so I decided to join the party, one of several stages of the Doug's Birthday Phenomenon.

The DBP continued at Rendezvous, in the red velvet room upstairs. In places, the lighting was surprisingly bright, but many of us thought ahead and brought sunglasses. In a surprising turn of events, accessories turned out to be functional. Aside from many of drinks being weak, the party was very fashionable and featured many stylish attendees. Here, the results of the sewing kit were presented. Ellen and Kailin gave Doug a belt buckle that is also a scrolling marquee. It is apparently the hottest item on Canal Street; so expect to see them in your (non-NYC) town sometime next fall.

Eventually, as is the Seattle custom, the bar closed. On the walk from the bar to the car our sunglasses attracted the attention of a German-type guy who questioned us about the future and possibly propositioned me/us regarding sex. Combined with the awesome/awful certified accountant flashlight sidewalk advertisements [spotlights shine through a stencil to create an ad. I wish I had taken a picture to capture the stupidity of nighttime accountant advertising], this competed for the Belltown on the street highlight of the evening.

We reconvened at the Five Point and had late night breakfast foods before calling it a night. A couple having a 2 am "date" wasn't into switching tables; so our group was temporarily split. Also of note, the men's bathroom at the Five Point has a window/periscope that allows one to view the Space Needle. It is a rather interesting addition to the urinal experience.

All in all, a good evening of hanging out with people that I rarely see (except for when Ellen flies in from NYC and lets me be a part of the entourage, that is.).
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