March 9th, 2005

the only earth?

network television [hearts] landmines!

In case you missed it, here's a BoingBoing post about a United Nations commercial about landmines that television stations aren't keen on airing:

  • BoingBoing on the ad [# ], with links to it (as a torrent, obvs.)
  • An article linked by BB about the ad and why it won't be on TV: No one wants to donate the time, which is kind of different than when networks won't even air an ad for pay. [worldnetdaily]
  • The actual video -- an American girls soccer game interrupted by a landmine [.mov]
  • the UN campaign website,

I guess the point is, why do people get outraged about television networks not airing commercials? Is there any cause for people to believe that they're out to do the "right" thing? They air commercials that con people into crappy life insurance, sell them coins made from silver found in the WTC wreckage, promote prescription drugs that they probably don't need, etc.

And really? Girls getting blown up by a pretend landmine in middle America is pretty likely to interfere with people's willingness to be sold useless products. Because I don't know how it's possible to think about the fact that people in 80 countries apparently live in constant fear of having their lives destroyed by a landmine at any time and not feel completely enraged. Not to mention the part about how the U.S. won't sign an anti-landmines treaty. Or the fun detail about how the point of landmines isn't to kill people, but to maim them enough to make their lives really awful. Or the thing about how hard it is to clear a landmine field after a conflict ends.

Which is basically why I can't think about it for more than twenty minutes, either. Since actually thinking about it would drive me insane. Who needs that interrupting their network television fix, anyway?


n.b., a superfun way to donate a tiny bit to minefield clearance efforts is to buy some Get Your War On items. []
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the only earth?

more seasons

The arrival of spring continues to seem less intimidating. Possibly because we are now well into March.

I had a meeting with my dissertation committee and things are pretty much lined up. Even though I've always been telling people that I'll be finished in a little over a year whenever they ask, it is now closer to the truth.

Still, not quite into Mike Slackenerny territory [phdcomics]