February 2nd, 2005

i am not a stuffed tiger.

devil in the details, no giant black cats so far

Freaky news about neuro-linguistic programming on the streets of mother Russia:
MOSCOW — He was striking, with dark eyes, a long black ponytail and a stylish suit. He had a large, cheap ring that Olga couldn't stop looking at as he waved his hand repeatedly in front of her face.
"He was talking gibberish," she recalled. . . . Olga offered him the $250 in her purse for a taxi, but he said it wouldn't be enough. She found herself leading the man to her apartment. There, she opened her safe and counted out $500. "Can I have more?" he asked. "Can I have the 7,000 rubles in your purse?" Without replying, Olga emptied her wallet into his hands. [seattletimes]

I think the authorities should start worrying about a full-on Master and Margarita [$] situation.
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the only earth?

we don't live here anymore

If you're crazy enough (no longer on politics-related suicidewatch) to be watching the State of the Union Address (I'm not), you might be wondering if any of the statements being made are actually true.

As far as I can tell (I'm at my office and not watching the SotUA1), the folks at ThinkProgress are doing real-time rapid response to help you keep track of the misunderstatements.

(1) damn the internets (why! why! stop! turn it off.), this thing is playing live online and I couldn't stop myself from loading it up. whitehouse.gov has an incredibly crisp 350Kbps feed.

Of course, in the unreality of my mind I'm happily residing in the already seceded Republic of Cascadia [wikipedia]; so the whole thing's completely academic.