December 24th, 2004

the only earth?

season's greetings.

Dear the livejournal,

Happy xmas eve, or saturday eve, as the case may be in your neck of the woods. Since arriving in Michigan, I've engaged in last minute shopping activities, wrapping of items in paper despite the anti-environmental implications, and have attended smallish family gatherings. On Thursday, we took the long way to Grand Rapids and hung out with my uncle and his family for dinner and minor gift exchanging for their kids. Almost all of them were recovering from or coming down with different mystery illnesses and I started feeling very germphobic [On the way home from swimming at the YMCA (where they have an awesome swimming suit centrifuge/dryer system), I tried to get a FluMist, but they required a prescription. I guess I'll just risk it. Maybe seeing The Aviator will provide new perspective in this regard?] but so far so good.

Tonight, we had the my dad's family component of the traditional family gathering agenda. We have adopted a new tradition by which generic gifts are exchanged in the fashion of the white elephant, followed by a home BINGO match for gifts of lesser value. This turns out to be a great improvement over the previous system of multi-person reciprocal gift exchange, at least in this setting which was not known for the best presents ever.

Oh, there is snow here. I even removed some of it with a shovel and snow blower this afternoon. I feel like my shopping efforts have been very minimal this year thanks to the brilliance of converting people to the wishlist system. Or, it's possible that I just didn't buy enough things [is this an un-american sentiment?]

I guess that's it for now.

[ j ]