December 18th, 2004

i am not a stuffed tiger.

this evening.

After work, a meeting, and swimming, I met Carolyn and her friend Mike to watch A Very Long Engagement.

I think that I was pretty impressed with the movie. It is the sort of story that you need to accept as a fable or else the logic and coincidences might drive you crazy. I'll admit that was a little too convoluted for me to follow all of the plot points, but I was pretty much O.K. with that because it totally won me over without knowing all of the details. The film is just downright beautiful (and horrible) looking. Before seeing it, we'd joked that we were expecting Amélie II, but it was really much more about the brutal awfulness of war (including an impressive catalog of ways to be killed) and the longingness of the complicated detective story, than about a quirky romance. Not to say that it doesn't have incredibly cute and funny parts.

Afterwards, we went to dinner at Jai Thai and stayed around for a while. Eventually, the back room turned on the repetitive music (and presumably the laser), but we elected not to investigate.
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review reviews

I think that I might start a weblog devoted to the minor errors in Roger Ebert's film reviews. Lately, after watching a movie, I'll check out a few reviews. In almost every case, Ebert makes a not completely inconsequential error in relating the plot points.

It's so consistent that I almost think that it's intentional.

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