December 16th, 2004

the only earth?


I spent the past couple days working to finish some analyses for a conference call this morning, and now that it's (uneventfully) over I find myself staring at the wall trying to decide what my next project should be. I have plenty to do, but am feeling momentarily adrift without some sort of external prioritization system.

I also need to start engaging in the xmas commerce machine. Dread.
i am not a stuffed tiger.


Laura Miller on the release of the final extended edition part of the Lord of the Rings series:
Watching the extended editions of all three films together still takes less time than reading Tolkien's novel, but the effect is similarly immersive. You swim in this story, and drink it and breathe it. By the time Sam rallies that last bit of willpower, if you're still with it, your defenses are entirely gone. [salon]
I don't think that I'm mentally prepared to start watching Return of the King, let alone the entire eleven hours in a row.
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digression and implied request for cell phone advice

I went to the T-mobile store tonight because I recently got the idea about how I need to get a new cell phone. I wanted to see how big the Sidekick II was and if I could really imagine carrying it around, but all that they had was a broken disabled version on the counter. It's still negative $50 on amazon; so I have a little more time to indulge my indifference.

While I was there,, a crazy guy with bloodshot eyes came in and kept holding all of the phones a few inches away from his face.