December 3rd, 2004

chair, apartment

two days, free things

The office holiday extravaganza took place on Wednesday. Notable details include our table's loss in the "snow people" contest, even though we built a pretty spectacular snow caterpillar in the very short time allowed. The judge went for the most traditional design. Moral values wins again. Somehow, I became the emcee and arbiter/creator of the rules for the white elephant gift exchange. This didn't help me to get a good item -- unless you consider a garden ornament in the shape of a hummingbird/mosquito made of glass balls a good item. Reading that description, it almost sounds white elephant good. There's a plant near my desk, so that's where it will live.

After the festivities and a little bit of work, I went to the Palace Kitchen with some colleagues because a collaborator from out of town (Chapel Hill, apparently for the school districts) was visiting. It was really pretty good because we got to hear about a lot of academic type drama. Also, because my salad was called the Enormous Garlic Crouton.


Today included quite a bit of work. The whole R/Emacs/ESS thing is finally starting to get a lot less confusing; so this means something like progress.

The Starbucks in our building had two hours of customer appreciation that partly coincided with the semi-regular fire drill. It's not clear whether this was part of their plan. Word of free beverages spread through the office like wildfire; so it turned out to be a busy day for the barista set.

After work Jeff and I went to a preview of Closer [#]. It's a great looking movie about sad pretty people with a semi-fractured narrative structure; so of course I liked it well enough. A lot of the dialog had a drama club feeling, probably to be expected since it was adapted from a play. The major product placements were for Sony and Damien Rice.

The movie was over by nine; so I missed high quality Thursday television, but had time to swim at the IMA and stop for some groceries on the way home.
i am not a stuffed tiger.

viral marketing

A couple of weeks ago, my neighborhood was flyered with posters asking aboutt Seattle's Sea Serpent sightings; so I wrote a little post about it [seattle.metblogs]. Today, comments have been rolling in with people's accounts of the creature. I imagine it's all part of their marketing plan -- I had assumed that the entire legend was created for the purpose of making (or promoting) a fake documentary film so this sort of fits.