November 24th, 2004

chair, apartment


A whole bunch of great ideas:

  • schedule a 6:30 am flight on a day when arriving two hours early is highly recommended
  • don't start packing until after midnight
  • go to a 9:40 showing of Kinsey with Jon, Rachel, and Kate
  • before movie, get a espresso beverage

All of this was preceded by a day of work, swimming, missing a series of busses, and dinner at 611 Supreme. My final excellent decision was to stay up all night instead of sleeping a few hours. It's just like a red eye! except you still arrive in Michigan late in the afternoon!

Almost time to go to the airport!
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    an old [ed: obvs.] x-files episode
the only earth?

status report

(for those of you playing along at home, it is not at all necessary to arrive 2.5 hours prior to a 6:30 am flight.)


(there is also free wireless internet service in the A terminal of the Seattle-Tacoma International Airport)