November 22nd, 2004



This is how they set up an otherwise empty office when someone is going to be interviewed for the NBC evening newscast regarding an article in the Journal of the American Medical Association. [jama] The presence of books and a computer and the use of the non-Puget Sound/Space Needle views apparently signify an academic setting. Not pictured: fake ficus, which didn't show up in the shot either.
i am not a stuffed tiger.

cure for an empty coffee table

After work, I went to get a haircut, but my haircutter was running late. Paging through several magazines, I found a review/preview of Stencil Pirates: A Global Study of the Street Stencil [$] in Resonance magazine.

There's even a section on "ninjas and pirates." We all know who wins.


Looking to make sure that I got the correct title, I noticed that one of the online features for that issue was a long interview with Ira Glass, including a bunch of audio content. [resonance]