November 9th, 2004

i am not a stuffed tiger.

more aplogies, re the youth vote

It looks like people are starting to look at the election numbers and how (and where and why) the youth vote influenced the election. In "The future of America is blue" Salon talks to a few of the organizations that worked to mobilize young voters, and provides some insights about turnout, the long-term outlook, and the strategies that worked:
Young believes that when all the dust settles in this billion-dollar election, the youth vote will prove to have been the cheapest to get. "We spent no money on media or direct mail. It was all peer-to-peer contact. If you add up the media budget with any other demographic, I'm quite sure those votes will prove to be a lot more costly. It's been shown that the only thing that really influences a young person to vote is peer-to-peer contact, and that's relatively inexpensive." [salon]
I'm glad to see these type of articles analyzing the numbers and hope that young blue voters don't grow out of it.