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November 3rd, 2004

the only earth?

but all our crying voices, they can't turn it around

I don't know. I think that second or third loss of guarded compromised political idealism hurts as much as the first.


I'm feeling definitely out of the mainstream. America really seems to like war, deficits, job loss, and george w. bush. apparently, they (I mean we) are not such big fans of civil rights. And waiting to count all of the votes seems to be a controversial subject, since we aren't into math, either.


I don't see much cause for optimism. The next four years are bound to be like the last four, except with a bigger mandate and a less evenly divided congress.
i am not a stuffed tiger.

he's simple. he's dumb. he's the pilot.

I was up at five a.m. yesterday and spent the morning in the pouring rain, walking the streets and trailer parks of Burien with post-it reminders, soggy address lists, and water soaked shoes in the shadow of airplanes taking off and landing at Boeing Field. In the afternoon, with cold wet feet, I made tons of calls to turn out the infrequent voters and occasionally stood outside to get cell phone reception to call the swing state kids from the Music for America lists.

As much as I tried not to pay attention to the exit polls that Jeff kept reporting as we coordinated a meeting at the Stranger's election party, it was pretty hard not to feel optimistic on the way from the Aerospace Machinist's Hall to Chop Suey. Which, I suppose was nice, since it was hard to not throw up all over the floor as the real numbers started showing up and people started throwing things at the giant television screen.

We stayed for way too long, until well after CNN invented "green" as the color of "too close to call" and the Infernal Noise Brigade invaded the bar. I actually followed them out, and sort of back toward my apartment. They stopped at the Lower Level; so I tagged along because I couldn't think of anything better to do.


Toward the end of the night, Jeff tried to put a positive spin on things by saying that our day-to-day lives would be the same today, regardless of the winner. I'm not sure that's true. For the last year or two, at least there was the feeling of hope that the end was in sight, that there was light at the end of the tunnel, or that the past election had been a big mistake that was overdue for a correction. And now it turns out that the joke was on us.

morning in america

noticed, on my morning to work. when all else fails, drink away the agony of defeat.


also, a couple of good items from yesterday's round of phone calls:

- asking for "Jane" and being informed by her ex-husband that Jane had been cheating on him for years and that he finally threw her out of the house to shack up with her new man.

- thanking an old woman for already having voted and being scolded that she didn't need any thanks because "she had a duty."

a few open letters

Dear the State of Michigan,

Wow. Don't think I'm going to forgive your for the civil rights hate just because you went for Kerry. I was all excited to see that even Kalamazoo County went in Kerry's column. And you're so cool with the mitten-shaped geography that can be represented with hands as maps. Not to mention the long standing anti-death penalty stance. These always made me feel a little bit of state pride, but really what's up with the big gay hate?

I mean, I'd be all for a complete marriage ban. Why not go all the way?

Disappointed in the Republic of Cascadia,

[ j ]


Dear the Youth Vote,

Seriously. What the fuck was so important that nine out of ten of you couldn't stumble your way out to the polls yesterday?

Hoping you enjoy the inevitable draft,

[ j ]


Dear the John Kerry Sincere Thank You Letter,

Thanks for ruining my plan to use time at the office to not be sad about the election. That part where you wrote, "I wish I could just wrap you in my arms and embrace each and every one of you individually all across the nation" is cheesy as hell, but I really think that we could all use a hug about now.

Best of luck back in the Senate. I hope you've prepared some interesting text to use for all the filibusters,

[ j ]