October 31st, 2004

chair, apartment

weekend. halloween, the day that offends the wiccans and christians alike

On Sunday, neglecting any guilty thoughts of moveon, I watched political television and worked on sending reminder e-mails to a few hundred college students in swing states that had signed up for Operation Ohio. This involved a little internet research, the full functionality of the microsoft office family of products, and freaking my outgoing mail server out when I tried to send all of the messages at once. I guess it's good to know that comcast's smtp server isn't especially friendly to mass e-mail solicitors.

After sleeping off a migraine I went over to Rachel and Jon's house for Halloween fun. The major draw as that they live in a neighborhood where kids go door to door begging for candy. Aside from that, it turns out that they had lots of great snacks (including home made soup and hot cider and caramel apples) and had rented John Carpenter's the Thing, which turned out to be pre-X-filesish and pretty gross. The commentary/special features was funny, mostly because it existed at all and because John Carpenter seemed to be conducting his interviews in a tiny room that was congested with smoke from his cigarette.

When we'd extracted all possible entertainment out of the self-importance of commentary participants, the Greenwood party broke up and I went to catch up with the halloween stylings at the "piece of shit halloween party," previously mentioned in these pages. By now you've already seen the pictures; and I have little to add. They are really worth thousands of words, I think. The only other thing to mention is that this was the only party where people recognized my costume without an explanation.
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