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October 23rd, 2004


interpol, vanity

Tonight at the Paramount, where I was seeing interpol, two different people, both hairstylists stopped me to ask where I got my hair cut. It was very strange, since they were really complimenting the person who cut my hair and not me. The answer is Vain. I half-suspect that they were planted, since my usual person is raising her rates.

The show was good. Paul's (the lead vocal) voice sounded different / less good than on the CDs, but I got over the distraction of it and enjoyed the rest of the band, who were fantastic. On top of enjoying the opening act (the secret machines), the Paramount is a gorgeous venue
i am not a stuffed tiger.

oh, canada

Does anyone else think that this election might turn on the influenza vaccine fiasco? I've had cable news running in the background this afternoon and it's a huge story and seems to be a regular item on the front page of the local papers. Old people lining up to be denied vaccination can't look good for the administration in the final days leading up to November 2.

I was thinking that it would be a fun excuse to go to Vancouver, but it turns out that it's kind of pricey to hop on an Amtrack just to get immunized.


( I also think that our vaccination strategy is a politicized mess, but that's another story)