October 22nd, 2004

the only earth?

wolf = terrorist

Let us reflect for a moment on the new BC04 ad called "Wolves." On the site, you'll find a press release [gwb] and a page linking to the video [gwb].

First, let us consider the wolf as an endangered species. Is the campaign trying to draw parallels between it's supposed dedication to terrorist eradication programs and its eagerness to get wolves off the endangered species list so that farmers can shoot them down? 1 The spot closes with George standing in his office, looking at a memo and talking on the telephone. Because getting rid of terrorists is hard wordk.

The next thing that struck me is how funny it is that we're now using wolves in a pristine natural setting as a stand in for terrorists. What? Is any animal more beloved among red state americans? If we are to believe t-shirt sales, the wolf is right up there with the soaring eagle and the flag among the t-shirt wearers that should be Bush's key demographic. Seems like calling the beloved wolf a terrorist might be dangerous at this late stage in the campaign.

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