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October 19th, 2004



I'm really trying to hold out on keeping my bedroom window open, but my nose is getting awfully cold and I think I can almost see my breath in the air.


Today felt hectic, though I'm not sure I accomplished much. We did make a valiant effort at the pub quiz (after seeing the close of the eternal Red Sox--Yankees game) and failed pretty dramatically.
i am not a stuffed tiger.


Ladies and gentlemen, electoral-vote.com just got even awesomer. There are info boxes on mouseovers and state by state trend lines. Not that I believe polls. They are evil, which is why they are so compelling. (see also "guide to polling sanity" [salon]

The main reason that I was looking at it is that reading Looking forward to it is making feel even more anxious than usual about the election, the sign [#] in one of my neighbor's windows, and all of the emails from MoveOn, Democracy for America, and John Kerry begging/shaming me to do something.

So, looking at the MoveOn travel link [#], I saw that Seattle is on their list of critical places and was kind of shocked. Is it just about getting out the vote? There are also several cities in Michigan (as well as cities with certain table15 friends). So should I stay here or go somewhere else? Is anyone else thinking of doing something like this?